Joest P1 System – 5/8 Arbor for 8″ Pads



A global first from JÖST abrasives

With the P1 dust-free Sanding System, you can sand paints, varnishes and wood, you can process metals, plastics and mineral materials using any process from coarse sanding to high-gloss finishes, you can remove rust and also polish a wide variety of materials in combination with the useit®-Superpads P and the Superfinishing-Pads – and all in the shortest possible time, with no dust pollution for humans and the environment. The strengths of theP1 dust-free Sanding System lie in the sanding of varnishes, paints and wood, and in the processing of metals, plastics and mineral materials in every process from coarse sanding to high-gloss shines – and the dust-free removal of rust is child’s play thanks to the system’s innovative design. The unique design of the sanding plate unit guarantees a dust-free and high removal rate – with the best possible surface quality. The P1 dust-free Sanding System for angle grinders offers a whole range of real advantages:

  • can be used on any electronically-adjustable angle grinders and angle polishers
  • dust-free working in every sanding position
  • precise edge sanding with a perfect view of the workpiece
  • extremely high dust removal rate compared to random orbital sanders and vibration grinding machines


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