Blue Wave Melamine Pad

The difference between the Blue Wave sponge and conventional sponges is in the Blue Wave‘s unique structure. This reinforced structure significantly extends its service life. Thanks to its rubber eraser effect, all kinds of stubborn stains and dirt such as

  • heel marks on floors
  • pen marks on desks
  • calcified surfaces
  • car windows

and much more can be removed easily from smooth and hard surfaces. Furthermore, no chemical agents are needed, only water! The Blue Wave cleaning sponge must always be used wet. It is not suitable for high-gloss surfaces and lacquer.

Blue Magic

Due to its special coating the Blue Magic dust-binding cloth is perfectly suitable for the collection of dust and loose dirt. In combination with a floor wiper it is ideally suitable for the dedusting and cleaning of parquet and hard floors.

  • high dust-collecting capacity
  • tear-proof
  • availabe in different shapes and sizes 

AbraFlex® SuperPads

Whether basic cleaning or maintenance cleaning, the AbraFlex® Superpads cleaning non-woven comes in several versions with different sizes. Longer lasting, faster application, extends life of floor coverings, and protects your floor cleaning machines. 

  • better cleaning results 
  • improved performance 
  • longer lifetime
  • excellent machine stability

AbraNopp® Cleaning Pads

The truly exceptional Abranopp®-cleaning system gets right into the heart of every single pore. Its unique design solves the problems involved in cleaning and maintaining structured floor coverings, a task for which it was specially developed. The Abranopp®-cleaning pads deep-clean hard floor coverings thoroughly, penetrating the deeper zones of the structured surfaces, beyond the limits of our renowned nonwoven discs and cleaning brushes. The size and shape of the Abranopp®-cleaning pads‘ nubs and abrasive particles can also be adapted to match your structured flooring, so the system will meet your cleaning requirements perfectly time after time. 


AbraflexNopp®has been specially developed to carry out basic cleaning on structured surfaces, using almost any cleaning chemistry. This patented, robust pad even penetrates into the deep zones of structured surface coverings and – just like the Abranopp® cleaning pads – gives you a truly thorough and deep cleaning of all hard coverings.

MicroFiber Pads

The new JÖST high-quality microfiber pads – made in Germany – give you outstanding cleaning results with an unsurpassed price-performance ratio. When the pads are used in combination with the JÖST Floor Sander and Floor Sander Junior eccentric cleaning machines, the treatment is intensive and results in a very clean surface. You can clean different materials using only water – no chemical agents!